No surgery!!


I just realized with whom I forgot to share the good news; you guys & gals.  Yes, the imagery I posted last is still correct, but the doctor now thinks, after yet another visit, my symptoms from the 90% compression fracture I suffered ( and from which I lost an inch in height) are improving.  Good, Good, Good.  However, I needed another super x-ray that can only be done in a hospital because of the cost of the machinery, outside facilities don’t spend that much dough, they send people to the hospital out-patient.  So now I wait for those results.  A bone density test showed what we all expected–bad osteoporosis.  No surprise to anyone.  You can’t be on as much daily prednisone and intravenous steroids when I’ve been hospitalized with exacerbation of my asthma and not end up with brittle bones.  So now an endocrinologist is on my list.  As…

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