My DIY Hair Treatment Was Sitting On My Kitchen Shelf – Homemade Hair Mayonnaise

My fine, once full and shiny hair, now dull, breaking and far from shiny hair has been falling out like crazy. I’m trying this. I know I wonn’t be allergic to any of these ingredients.


I recently took out my braids (I braided my hair after a failed attempt at going natural). I’m pretty sure it was the change from relaxed to natural and back to relaxed hair, but my hair was breaking bad (pun intended). Every time I pulled at the hair, it just came off and it broke my heart to little tiny pieces. Plus it was all limp and  frizzled. A sure recipe for disaster.

Hair 10

I had just finished relaxing my hair and my hair dresser  Lara said I would need to get a steam treatment @ an extra N2,500 ($16) to stop the breaking. Me ke? I wasn’t willing to spend another penny. Besides, I was pretty sure all she was gonna put in my hair was sitting pretty on my kitchen shelf. And off to my kitchen I went. Literally.

Hair 11

I had a little mayonnaise left; so I mixed it…

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